Robert Fripp on Channel 9 Again

This is really great.  The way they went about making the sounds for Windows Vista is really cool.  There are some really great ideas in this video like having calm music (you have to listen to the video to hear them) in the background while installing Windows Vista.  It's sad that it didn't make it into the final product.  Maybe they'll come out with some music from this we can buy.  Check it out…

Making Windows Vista Sing: Robert Fripp and the Vista Melody

Windows Vista Install Demo

This is more for the technology enthusiast crowd than the developer crowd, but…

Channel 10 has a video up today to start off Windows Vista Week (even a pretty new banner just for the occassion  ;)) about installing Windows Vista.  I've installed Windows Vista 18 hundred million billion times since I've been running it for a long, long time, but I think this video is interesting in showing that it's easy to install (sorry for linking directly to the mov file, but Apple's site doesn't have permalinks for their videos).

Web Application Project (Visual Studio 2005) on Windows Vista RC1

If you've tried installing it already, you know it doesn't work.  Rich Mercer posted the answer, which is to run the msi as an administrator.  Unfortunately, you can't just right mouse click and run as Administrator.  For details on the work around (a bat file) check out Rich's blog post about it.

UPDATE: The issue with this has been fixed in Windows Vista RC2 (5744) and you do not need the workaround anymore to get it installed.