Our Team on Channel 9 Again

We recently launched a new version of 10.  There were a few cosmetic changes, lots of bug fixes and a HUGE update to the guts of it.  It is now much more generic on the inside.  At its simplest, our platform is now just a bunch of Entries and Tags and associations between the two.  When viewing a forum, you're just looking at tagged entries.  When viewing someone's blog, you're just looking at tagged entries.  The list continues…

This major re-organization/generalization of our platform lines us up to update Channel 9 soon to this new platform, enabling us to make very quick updates to all of our sites.  There will be some new sites over the next year.

Anyway, we put up a video of us launching the new site on Channel 9. Check it out.  It's good for a laugh and a little insight into our crazy team.  🙂


Also, expect to see these videos turn into a regular thing (but in much shorter and more frequent chunks).

Web Application Project (Visual Studio 2005) on Windows Vista RC1

If you've tried installing it already, you know it doesn't work.  Rich Mercer posted the answer, which is to run the msi as an administrator.  Unfortunately, you can't just right mouse click and run as Administrator.  For details on the work around (a bat file) check out Rich's blog post about it.

UPDATE: The issue with this has been fixed in Windows Vista RC2 (5744) and you do not need the workaround anymore to get it installed.