ASP.NET Web Pages Templates for VB

Today, (well…yesterday, but I didn’t have time to blog about it yesterday) our team added the Visual Basic versions of the templates you can get inside of WebMatrix for ASP.NET Web Pages.  These are available as NuGet packages on the NuGet Gallery site.

Along with the above 4 templates we’ve also shipped the original 4 C# templates that are included in WebMatrix as packages for those of you who might use ASP.NET Web Pages without WebMatrix.

In this release, we’ve also included a new template that doesn’t ship (yet) in WebMatrix.

To run these templates, simply open an existing or create a new ASP.NET Web Pages app and navigate to (or click the “ASP.NET Web Pages Administration” link on your dashboard in WebMatrix), login to the admin, search for “template”, pick which package you want and install it.  This will put the contents of the template into a folder called “Microsoft Templates” in your app root.  Inside will be instructions to tell you to take the contents of that folder and move them to the root of your site.  This step is unfortunate, but required since NuGet or the ASP.NET Web Pages Administration app doesn’t currently allow you to override existing files.  Now run your site and you should see the template you installed.

Jim Wang, who works on our team (and built the WishList Template), made a video on how to get WishList installed in less than a minute.

We hope these are helpful to get you started with ASP.NET Web Pages!  For those of you working with VB, we want to hear from you.  Are these templates helpful?  Anyone running ASP.NET Web Pages WITHOUT WebMatrix (or Visual Studio)?