Same Team, New Role at Microsoft

Today is my first day as a PM (Program Manager) on the ASP.NET team.  If you’ve been following any of the projects I’ve worked on at Microsoft like Oxite or Orchard, you may remember that I just joined the Orchard team as an SDE in November.  Why the fast move?  I’ve actually been interested in switching to the PM role for a couple years now, and the right opportunity happened to come up last week.  The fun part is, I’m still on the ASP.NET team, just in a completely different role.  It happened pretty fast.  On my birthday (April 9th) I started talking with the team about an open position.  Thursday of the next week they told me the job was mine.  On Friday, I was told “you start Monday”.  I am very excited to get started and ‘thrown into the fire’.  I can’t say what exactly I’ll be working on just yet, but it will be fun, no doubt.

Does this mean I’m done with Orchard?  Absolutely not.  I love open source software at Microsoft and I think Orchard is a great project.  I will continue to give feedback and contribute in any way I can and have time for.

I expect to finally get back to more blogging too.  Since joining Microsoft as a developer the amount I’ve blogged has steadily declined into nothingness.  Now that blogging will be one way to gather community feedback, it will definitely happen more often.

My wife and I are expecting a baby girl in June (our second child).  The life changes just keep coming!  Exciting times.  🙂