Facebook Beacon

Ever wanted something more powerful than just a “Share on Facebook” link on your site, but didn’t want to write an entire Facebook app?  Enter Facebook Beacon.  With it, you can add a few lines of code to your site and your users can share actions they did on your site like (bought a product/service, changed their profile, posted a comment, etc) to Facebook so it shows up in their news feed and then travels down the viral highway that is Facebook.

We’re considering integrating Beacon into our community web platform that runs (Channel 9, Channel 10, MIX Online, Channel 8 and TechNet Edge).  Do you think this would get annoying?  Would you like to share what you’re doing on our sites with your friends on Facebook?

FYI, we’re building a Facebook app as well for our sites (and all sites involved in Microsoft Communities), but we think this also adds value too.  Thoughts?

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